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Inventors have developed products to reduce the risk of infection. Health care workers now routinely disable or dispose of used needles in secure “sharps” containers.

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Women with AIDS were predominantly poor and African American or Latina. They were excluded from clinical trials, and the official AIDS definition did not include diseases specific to women until 1993.

Activists directed much of their rage at the Reagan administration; the president remained largely silent about the epidemic until 1987 when he declared AIDS “public health enemy number one.” The SILENCE=DEATH emblem, adopted that same year by the…

Candlelight vigils often accompanied displays of the Memorial Quilt.

John-Manuel Andriote interviewed nearly 200 individuals for his 1999 book, Victory Deferred: how AIDS changed gay life in America.  In the book’s preface he stated, “I wrote Victory Deferred  because, despite the abundance of books written about…

Sex education has always been a contentious topic in families, schools, and religious organizations. This 1986 textbook, published in San Francisco, was one of the first to tackle how to inform K–12 students about AIDS.

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Surgeon General C. Everett Koop presented the government’s position on the epidemic in 1986 with straightforward and frank medical information.

Specialty advertisements about HIV and AIDS are used for everything from promoting HIV testing and supporting organizations for HIV positive individuals, to providing non-English speaking communities with AIDS prevention methods and information. …

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Michael Callen and Richard Berkowitz, gay men infected with the virus, wrote this 1983 sex-positive guide.

Public health fotonovelas such as this 1989 booklet were adapted from a publication format already popular among Latinos.
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