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Ryan White was born in Kokomo, IN, in 1971, with the genetic blood disease hemophilia.  In 1985, he was diagnosed with AIDS after being infected through treatment with contaminated blood products.  When his condition became known, he was ostracized:…

Trading cards are a popular form of entertainment, but are also used to educate a segment of the population that may not be reached through more traditional methods.  This set of 110 trading cards designed for young adults depicts personalities who…

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Since 1987, through the Names Project, over 48,000 individual panels have been created that memorialize the lives of more than 94,000 people who have died of AIDS. Each person has a quilt panel sewn by loved ones, such as this 1987 one for AIDS…

NAMES Project photograph

AIDS Guide to Protective Measures.jpg
Health care workers needed specific information about ways to protect themselves from infection.

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In 1987, the Centers for Disease Control launched a broad campaign to explain modes of transmission, risk, and behavior.

Azidothymidine—AZT—brought the first real hope for treatment. It prolonged some patients’ lives by slowing replication of HIV. It was introduced in 1987 under the name Retrovir®.

A red over-lapping ribbon indicates support for people with HIV and AIDS. It was the 1991 creative brain-child of artist-activist Frank C. Moore, II, who died of AIDS in 2002.

Roxy was a popular nightclub located in Chelsea, New York City from 1978 until it closed 2007.  The nightclub hosted weekly gay dance nights and held events benefitting AIDS-related charities like New York’s Gay Men’s Health Clinic.  The bar culture…
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