Chicago Tribune TV Week, November 10-16, 1985



Chicago Tribune TV Week, November 10-16, 1985


In the television film An Early Frost, Michael Pierson (Aidan Quinn) is a young gay man with AIDS.  Forced to be open about his homosexuality and the disease, he must also face the inevitability of his death.  At a time when AIDS was seen as a certain death sentence, An Early Frost presented the tragedy of the epidemic to a wide audience.  Media writer Kenneth R. Clark noted, “NBC . . . is the first to explore AIDS with a full-length movie, and a lot of people are nervous about it.” 


“We have to have in us the will to be the one to survive, to be the old, old man who will tell the world what happened.  Because eventually the world will change.  The one who survives out of the plague, out of the holocaust, out of whatever, to be the one to tell the world . . . .”

Interview with Cornelius Baker, National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA), 1995
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