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Archiving the History of an Epidemic:
HIV and AIDS, 1985-2009

The collections in the National Museum of American History’s Archives Center document…

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AIDS Quilt

AIDS quilt panel Roger Lyon.jpg

Started in San Francisco by Cleve Jones, the NAMES Project offered a collective expression of grief. Its Memorial Quilt, seen here in 1987 in…

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A Political Flashpoint

silence-death poster.jpg

Epidemiologists identified the first risk groups, all considered socially marginal, as men who had sex with men, Haitian immigrants, and injection…

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HIV and AIDS 1981–1987

By 1987, the issues surrounding the epidemic significantly changed. Scientists and physicians understood the viral cause, the Food and Drug…

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Epidemic_Newsweek April 18 1983.jpg

News outlets walked a fine line between fostering awareness and compassion concerning HIV and AIDS and capitalizing on fear and misconception. Outside…

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HIV and AIDS Today


Since the first reports thirty years ago, the illness has become chronic and manageable as effective multi-drug treatments have reduced mortality. The…

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A Scientific Mystery


The health crisis and the political ramifications of the disease put immense pressure on the scientific research community; an international race to…

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A Public Health Crisis

Just Wear It_sticker.jpg

Health workers sought to get the word out about AIDS and prevent the spread of the disease. This meant tailoring messages to reach audiences who…

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